Softlock claims 100% protection for cds

guys check this site out, they claim that they provide 100% protection for cds
so check it out and let me know what u think…

Well ya. There are programs out there that protect cds too.

I could not read they offer 100% protection…this is impossible and a sure bet lost…

But it claims to be unbroken by all well known programs…so perhaps it offers 100% protection at the moment, but, as with all protections, it is just a matter of time…anything that can be read, can be copied…

1st post eh ??? sounds like you are promoting it… :rolleyes:
no threat here… not from egypt anyway… :disagree:


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well ClubER i’m not promoting, i’m just lookin for advise (befor i buy) from experienced members … not u for sure :wink:

Well, Hi to all the members here. I am a new member and i was just checking this thread and i read this one. I have to say that this softlock protection is really good. I tried copying a softlock protected cd with all the tools i could find (Nero, Alcohol, Roxio, Blind read, Clone CD, …) and nothing worked. I guess it’s true. They offer 100% protection and till now it’s true.

As long as a computers drive can read the disc, it can be copied
Tools make it easier to the general public, but they are not necessary