Softice under xp


i have installed softice under windows xp proffesional.

When I tried to start there is a message like “procedure not found” or similar.

What shall I do that Softice will start

I had download the win nt version.

What version of SoftIce are you trying to run on XP ? You will need version 4 or later for XP, older versions may run but you might have endless problems with it.also older versions work best in Win 98 or 95. SoftIce is used for many different functions and don’t expect it to start running like a normal window program after installation, before you can start using it,it needs to be configured for what you are going to use it for. It’s best to have it set to run in Automatic mode ( Boot mode ) at set up so it starts when XP at boot up, if you have selected Manual mode at set up , you must load and start it by issuing manual commands in Win 2000 and XP. if you can post what version number you are trying to run and for what purpose you are going to use the program for , somebody will be able to help you get stated and let you know how to configure it correctly. for older versions you need to configure it by using the Winice DAT. file

maybe spath will provide some insight for you :smiley:

free 14 day trial version?

I have tried softice 4.05.

I’ve recently installed Softice driver Suite 3.2 and set it mode to automatic. After reboot, my computer had frozen since yesterday with no success of proceeding to logon section. What can I do to get my computer back and to disable softIce in order to stop it from running. Any help please…
Appreciate ur time