SoftICE 4.01 Win 9x



Hi to all!
Where I can download SoftICE 4.01 Win 9x setup, NOT crack/keygen!

I want exact address but site address is good too!

I tried astalavista but There I only find cracks and TOO MUCH porn banners!


Don’t know where to down version 4.01, but do know where you can get v4.05! :wink: It’s over here! :stuck_out_tongue:


There is no softice! :wink:

Still seeking!


I have Softice4.05
Maybe I can UL it somewhere, do you have a freedrive or ???
You can PM me !


Originally posted by defiz
[B]There is no softice! :wink:

Still seeking! [/B]

The last prog at the bottum of the page… on the right! :stuck_out_tongue:


Please, Upload it somewhere, I don’t have freedrive account!

If you have homepage put it there!?

Do you know Anything about cracking?

Thanks very much!

Can you littlepit tell me how to use it??? ;D


defiz check your PM ! :wink:


the link wookie gave (an old one but a good one) works fine for me but what does it do (I mean the program)??


Thanks to greypigeon!

Now I have SoftIce!

Thanks for all replyes!


Rasta, as far as I remember Softice is a debugging tool. It lets you start a program and then you can follow it at the assembler level - command by command.
E.g. if you have to register software, you give the name and a fake registration number. Now you intercept the program at the part where it compares the registration number it calculates itself with the number you gave and bingo : in the registers you’ll find the number. Next turn you give in the number the sofware calculated and you have a registered version of that software.
Perhaps it sounds easy but believe me it’s not.