Soft-mod xbox problem

ok this is what happened. i restored my xbox using that restore to ms on the blue screen start up. and now my xbox goes str8 to update xbox live screen. then it wont respond to update. if u kno anyway i could fix this please help. thanks.

Did you perhaps try to access XBOX Live (update) when the box was running the mod? If so, you (or better: your XBOX) may have been banned from XBOX live.

I also have an xbox that is in the same state. It run an original game disk once, but now wont read any disk.

any ideas on this


I also have the problem, would someone please help on this!!

I have the same problem too, I have posted on many different forums yet there seems to not be a single person that has any clue how to fix this error. I have even went as far as trying to hotswap my hdd with no success. Well if any has any idea as to how to fix this pain in the ass that we all share I would really appreciate the help.

Not sure if this works on an upgraded HD but I got this to work on a stock HD with a softmod. I wiped the HD and then used one of the Auto-Installer discs (I believe it was V2.11 Final) to re-install the MS Dashboard. Once the MS Dashboard was back up and running I used one the softmod methods and all went well. I realize that was pretty extreme but then again the person who had it before me seriously screwed up the HD and it was the only way I could get it back up and running again. If nothing else works you might give that method a go.

I’m having the same problem. Could a more specific name for the installer disc be given please? I’ve spent a week just searching for people who’ve had the same problem.

I have some soft mod installer discs, but I don’t know their names. They must all be the wrong version since they havn’t been able to help me.

Has anyone found any other fixes? Has anyone discovered how/why this problem happens? Last thing that I did before this problem was play DOA Xtreme Beach Volleyball. I turned the system off, then back on the next day and bam. I had this problem a week before it happened last and do not remember rxactly what I did to get past it.

At best I think it’s because my clock reset. I had my system off for a few days. I just had it off (and unplugged) for 3 days to see is that would help, but it didn’t. I didn’t even have the option to set my clock. I can’t find a way to force the clock reset.

Edit: My xbox has never connected to Live or to the internet. I have Evolution X on my system, I’m not aware of the version. I used Agent Under Fire to put it on my system about 8 months ago. I don’t remember which version of the file I used or where I received it from.