Soft-Ice Export Loading In Win2K

I’m trying to debug an application that uses WSAStartup function in “winsock.dll” with Soft-Ice. I can’t bpx WSAStartup :frowning: . I tryied to load the exports from winsock.dll with Symbol Loader but i get an error message : “Error: No debug information found” :confused: .
Can somebody please help me or guide me to a link or a tutorial - anything goes. Thanks in advance.
P.S. Please excuse my sppeling mistakes. :sad:

sadly, anything doesn’t go. the majority of softice tutorials relate to cracking - and we do not allow that type of discussion here. if someone can find a legitimate tutorial, more power to them. please post it. no cracking ones, however.

Here are a couple of searches using google but i can’t do much about the results softice search 1
softice search 2 but you should be able to find what you need in those results.

Even if most of the Soft-Ice tutorials out there retale to cracking I’m just trying to debug winsoc.dll and wsock32.dll on Windows 2000 and I don’t have the .dbg files. I did a search on the net and I’ve found out that rebase.exe in Visual C can halp me get the dbg fiel out of the dll itself (or something like that). Unfortunatley winsock.dll doesn’t have debuging info in the dll but wsock32.dll does. Now I’m trying to get rebase.exe from the net.
Thanks for replying to my post and again please excuse my spelling.

Thanks for the help everybody!
I solved my problem by adding with Symbol Loader -> Edit -> SoftIce Intialization Settings -> Exports in the list that SoftIce is suppose to look for exports and extract them, 2 dll’s = wsock32.dll and ws2_32.dll.
Now I can bpx on WSAStartup and concentrate on my application’s bugs.
Again, thank you very much :bow: .

Best wishes, Pinky Mouse AKA Autolycus.