SOF2 NOOb a question

I have a copied version of SOF 2,When I try to play it in multiplayer,I get a Banned cd key message.My question is:Is there any way to get around this and if so, how? Would appreciate any help.I am a noob, so if you can please explain it like you would to a six year old.
Thanks, Ghostdog

Buy the game like I did. Multiplayer works great when using a legally bought copy.

you can not discuss this subject here, Buy the game it will work then…:cop:

Ok sorry Didn’t mean to step on any toes,like I said new to this,btw I did buy a legal copy was just playing around with a copy someone gave me and was curious,didnt mean to cause any problems:confused:

We’ve already seen a beloved site closed because of ~warez~ or other illegal talk, despite the best intentions of many experienced members and the Mods - we don’t want that to happen here.

My personal opinion is that the unique key concept, like with Yuri, sucks. It’s good for grand piracy but I had to buy two Yuri’s just to beat up my son at home. Why not put the damn thing on 2 CDs just like RA2?