I just obtained Soldier of Fortune v1.03 and am having difficulty copying it. The cd has 2 tracks, one audio and one data. When checked, it says it has 618Mb data, but copier says it is 680Mb approx (obviously the rest is audio) I have tried an 80min cd, but it just spits it out anyway. I have tried gamecopyworld, but they don’t mention anything about the audio track. How can I copy this…Any ideas???

CloneCD worked for me.


Go to gamecopyworld and follow instuctions to copy sof it worked for me.

i used nero and used a 650mb cd you can only instal the game but you need a no-cd crack for the game to work

The audio track is the protection.
Do as Killboy suggested, but you must burn onto 80 min cd unless your burner is capable of overburning.