Sof II and Medal of Honor

This may be an old subject but i just got 2 new games and I need to make backups before I scratch the crap out of them. Games now a days are tooooooooo damn expessive but some are worth buying.

The 2 that im copying are Soldier of Fortune 2 and Medal of Honor Allied assualt.

Do they have protections? if they do, what is it and how do I copy?

Any help will do.

I have a liton 24x blah blah blah and a tosh dvd player

Thanks in advance!


Soldier of Fortune 2=Has no protection.
Medal of Honor Allied assualt=SD2.

If you need more help use the search.

SOFII has just a CD-Check. Just copy with CloneCD and MOHAA is SD 2.51

Clonecd settings

Read…nothing checked
write …nothing checked…

you ca ncreate a custom profile or use GameCD profile


FES on
nothing else


no AWS with a liteon 24102B you will get a coaster or partially working backup if AWS is on
or make a custom profile

again Gamecd profile should work so longs as AWS(amplified weak sectors is OFF…)

Also you can download profiles off the forum check under the stickies

you can PM me if you need more help

Thanks to all who replied.

I will try these settings and report back!

Thanks again.