Socket 462 Socket A, Are they the same?

Hello Gang,

Was wondering if someone could help. I have a Comp with a broken board, it says where the chip is that it is a Matsonic 8137c Socket 462. It has an AMD Athlon 2400+ chip in it running at 2GHz.
There are multiple problems with the board that I cant be bothered fixing! I have looked for a board that holds a socket 462 but from what I can see Socket 462 and socket A are the same!!! can anyone confirm that if I buy a socket A board will the chip will fit??
and if so what is a decent socket A board?

My questions.

  1. Will my AMD athlon 2400+ that is currently in a Socket 462 board fit in a socket A board?
  2. What is a decent Socket A board with SATA and firewire for under 50 quid?(there are so many!)

Thanks if anyone can answer any of these questions then I would be eternally gratefull!

Its ok guys answered q1. Socket A has 462 pins, hence that it is sometimes called socket 462. bingo!

I agree that it does appear that socket A & 462 are the same. On the AMD site both versions of the XP2400+ will fit the same boards. Plus the installation guide for socket A says “near where it says socket 462”.

I’ve always liked Gigabyte motherboards. The manuals aren’t up to much but the boards are very reliable. Don’t currently know what’s on offer though.

for 50$ this one is preety much the best you can get

it does support 266 front side bus also ,newegg dont say so but msi site does
the ones that cost less dont worth it lower performance chipsets
as for firewire no way in that price range for firewire motherboard youll have to spend 80-85$

How about this?
It’s an Asus, within your price & has all you want, with an FSB range to suit your XP2400+.
However, it won’t perform too well as it really needs a 3200 with 400FSB & PC3200 memory.

looks much better but i dont know if hes from the uk,anyway i doubt the parts you put on a motherboard can affect its performance sure parts can affect performance but not the motherboard itself performance

Phil. The clue was in the question - 50 quid - meaning £50 sterling, so UK based.

The point I was making was that everything will be restricted in speed terms by a 266 fsb processor & that to get the best out of the system a 400fsb processor etc is needed.

I think Asus make a decent MB so this could be the one to go for.

abit nf7s grab an add-in pci firewire card :slight_smile:


I’d avoid any motherboard with VIA. Just when you thought VIA was over their massive egregious problems, they just announced that none of their SATA controllers support SATA-II drives. Oopsie!

nvidia nforce2 chipset is the best, unless you want Sata Raid on the sil3112/sil3512/sil3514.

Sis are terrible, via have always had issues :stuck_out_tongue: