SOCH 5232K...Is A Firmware Upgrade Available?

Just wondering if a firmware upgrade is available for my SOCH 5232K. Please link to if possible. Thank you.

@ ryansebiz
I checked the FAQs and followed a few links to this :cool:

Great, thanks!

There is a new firmware now, dated 5/7/05.

Wonder what this firmware really included…

“Match more media” lol

Any chance of a patched read/rip speed firmware of NKOJ?

Let’s just say that I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised in a day or two. :wink:

I can wait a day or two.

Thank you in anticipation of a release :slight_smile:

Well, it’s been a little over two days, and I don’t think I’m surprised yet.

Just posting again, checking to see if it’s going to happen :slight_smile: Really looking foward to it.

Thanks again.

Yea. Sorry. Been busy lately, and things are taking a bit longer than expected, but it’s getting close… :slight_smile:

you know the old saying,“good things are worth waiting for”

With 2005 firmware, I guess it’s time my CRX320E became a 5232k, and never mind the 40x deturbo that I reckoned would probably improve quality.

Will it update in a firewire enclosure?

There shouldn’t be any problems with doing that. If you’re worried, you can first use LtnFW to back up your firmware through the enclosure. If the backup works through the enclosure, then there’s a good chance that the flash will work as well through the enclosure.

An unscrambled stock version of NK0J as well as a new OmniPatcher that can patch combo firmwares have been posted. :slight_smile:

(at the time of the writing of this post, is temporarily down; but there is a [post=1055508]mirror[/post])