Soccer World Cup 2002 - THE WINNER

Soccer World Cup 2002 Japan-Corea


Who gonna win the cup ? :confused:

I think maybe POLAND ? And you guys …

I am a fan of the French, but it doesn’t look very good for them. I think Germany is very likely to win.

senegal beat france. they are the new world champions. one leads directly to the other :wink:

Well i was expecting France to play bad, since Zidane isn’t in the team yet, but these guys are playing really bad. I have never seen any other team in the world cup relying so much in one player…

But who am i criticize the french - my team didn’t even qualify for the world cup :o

England is at 9:1 to win the Cup. I am impressed by the US performance against Portugal. Never expected such a great game.

Italy, everyone seems to forget them.
Why? -best defence in the world
-very good attack: Totti could become the player of the tournament

I think Argentinia is gona win the Worldcup…

Originally posted by Lindows
I think Argentinia is gona win the Worldcup…

Perhaps, but after the way they played today…who knows? They could not finish off England who had no midfield at all. Perhaps they could win if they start scoring goals.

Spain is also playing nice football - maybe i should put a couple of $ on them to win :wink:

Italy will win. According to the Virtual World Cup, we’ll defeat Brazil 2-0 in the final match;):

FINAL SCORE: Italy 2, Brazil 0 (Scoring: Totti, I, 23; Inzaghi, I, 54)

my moneys on the us. they seem to have the longest odds

Jesus, Portugal was really slaughtered today … :a

I hate it when refs do that to help the world cup organizing parties :frowning:

Portugal played clumpsy and the referee was right.

That second yellow was too strict a decision if you ask me …
Besides he was “sympathetic” to Koreans most of the game’s duration.
Even with 9 players Portugal almost made it to extra-time. With 10 they would have won!

Anyways, still hope Spain will win this … :slight_smile:

Stick to Italy. They’ve had so much bad luck and still made it. Also Brasil has a good chance. But there’s always Brasil, so

Bad luck? They took us away 4 absolutely-regular goals (2 against Croatia, and 2 against Mexico). I don’t call it bad luck:a …hope it won’t happen again with Korea

Well I think Germany will win, because they have something to strait ou from the last european championship and they will always fight till the last second. And they have Klose.

Well we made the next round (Belgium) now the problem is that we 're up to brasil. But if we manage to beat them we’ll became the one and only champ

Soccer World Cup 2002 Japan-Corea <= Korea-Japan.

South Koreans have been mad over it. They want everything first when anything is related with Japan.

Not that I care but that’s the way they are.

Anyway, my vote is for Germany.

if (England > Brazil)


printf(“england will win”)


printf(“its brazil”)