Soccer vs. Cricket

Well… Which is it? :slight_smile:

Cricket all the way :slight_smile:

SOCCER for me Cricket is boring imo…

Agreed :iagree:

Cricket everytime… It’s like a game of CHESS.


Motor Sportfor me :smiley:

I like watching sport. Athletics is my favourite, but i like watching soccer, rugby, ice hockey, tennis, motor racing and motorcycle racing.
Traditional womens sports are :Z
But worse of all is cricket, i’d rather watch paint drying :stuck_out_tongue:

football (soccer) and f1

have you ever been to knock hill? that is one smart circuit :iagree:

I haven’t been to Knock Hill, East Fortune i have been to many times though. I get too do some shopping as well, as East Fortune also has a Sunday market :slight_smile:

Donnington park is my local cicuit and they have a sunday market that used to close on the sundays that had races on, now they hold both races and market together and attendences for the race meetings has increased.

just noticed the tread title is soccer vs cricket that should read football vs cricket after all we brits invented the game.

Obviously, soccer. I love Premiere League :smiley:

Football who likes Cricket ??? also Cycling both watching and doing which reminds me that i need to start losing weight and start building up my condition again :sad:

Portmac, the people have spoken :wink:

Dude its f-o-o-t-b-a-l-l :stuck_out_tongue:

also why do they call Bar Football FoosBall in America :confused: Bar soccer i could under stand but FoosBall

German people in the bar? WTF is bar football?

Bar Football is a game for 2 or 4 players and can get very competitive even for people like me who cant stand football. if you dont have this in sweden then you are missing out on a whole lot of fun.


NCAA Football