Soccer Teams

I thought it would be nice to see whats your favorite soccer team.

And you did not even mention one Dutch team…

In a way I can understand why, Dutch soccer is terrible at the moment, but nevertheless they do deserve more credit than River Plate (never even heard of that one)…

sorry about that its just that i dont know many dutch teams.
and river plate… you never heard of them?
One of the teams in argentine soccer. Also the club that Javier Saviola started with.

Why didn’d you have the championsleague-winner 2001 in the list ?

FC Bayern Munich

and don’t forget: visit WIZARD’s Website and enjoy !!

I cant believe I forgot
sorry for all you Bayern fans

hehe brazilian teams were forgotten too. well I think there are not many brazilian here, but São Paulo is the best! hehe. it was twice the champion of the world, in 92 and 93, against Barcelona and Milan respectively.

again sorry about that I dont know any Brazilian teams

The Polder Boys '69

(old commercial)

Looks like the poll is far from complete, but then again, there is the option ‘other’, where all above mentioned teams can be attributed to.

Maybe it shouldn’t have been a poll, simply the question and have everybody name their favourite team :wink:

I like all the English clubs posted there, but i’m from Scotland, and i prefer Celtic FC. All you Dutch people will remember the mighty Celts when we beat Ajax not long ago :smiley:

…do i have to say more?

Originally posted by manumission13
…do i have to say more?

not at all

river plate are not European. they are from Argentina

I know I meant your favorite soccer team from all over the world

PSV Eindhoven ownage:cool:

What happened to the European Cup Winners of 1982 then…

what about the greatest attacking force in the English Premiership …


World Cup is starting in about 130 days.

There are many great teams out there…

But to me “Flamengo is the Best”

If its from anywhere in the world, then its the famous Glasgow Celtic or that well know English team that play in Scotland, BERWICK RANGERS:):stuck_out_tongue:

Originally posted by pietpaulusma

PSV Eindhoven ownage:cool: [/B]

indeed :cool:

but you ask an euorpian soccer team, and put in River Plate from Argentina. Maybe I am not good in geography, but you should update your atlas!:confused: