SocBlue problem with Galaxy Note 3!

i have a SocBlue Dualsim , it binds fine and i receive calls very nice , but i have a problem with my Galaxy Note 3 , when i try to make a phone call , the software crashes and a sudden disconnect then reconnect of the device is happen , but can’t make any calls !!
Please , any help with this problem !!??

i also , tried it with Galaxy S3 , the same problem exists !:doh::sad:
Please … any help would be appreciated …

any help please … ???

I have a problem with Samsung Galaxy Note 3 too, I follow all the android steps, but the product don’t work very well, the calls interrupts constantly, that means that I and the other person don’t hear all the conversation, exists small periods of time that not hear nothing.

any one technical give us some advice please !!!??

Where was the product purchased?