SocBlue factory reset

I’m trying to find a way to factory reset a socblue A860 device. I’ve lost the phone it was paired with and can’t find a way to pair it with another one.

In the socblue forums is a reference to a debind app (, but the download link is now dead (

Any idea on how to factory reset or debind this device?

Bind device is a security function. There is no official way to unbind otherwise the function mmakes no sense

Well, turns out there IS an official app to unbind the socblue A860. It’s only mentioned in the Chinese version of their website ( and in some forum posts by their support staff.

It’s the one I mentioned in the original post, it’s still there. The link looks dead because there’s no direct download to an Android app, it’s and iOS download repository and the app seems to exist only for iphone/ipad.

So for reference, if you need to unbind a socblue A860 and have lost the original phone is was bind to. You have to:

  • Have a jailbroken iphone/ipad that has Cydia ( installed on it
  • Make sure the normal socblue app is not installed
  • Add “” as a source to Cydia
  • Install the socblue app from that source
  • Use the app to Search, connect and unbind your socblue A860

Using this official app I’ve been able to get the device back to work with a new phone.

Lets hope the message does not get deleted this time as it contradicts the official response.

Thank you for your posting. This is an unofficial non supported workaround.

There is no contradiction at all.Bluetooth devices need to be secured, thats what the device binding is designed for. If your SocBue gets stolen it is basically useless if the binding is enabled.