SoCal fires

I hope all the SoCal CDFreaks are safe, crazy stuff going on having two of the biggest wild fires in history only 4 years apart :eek: the current fire has already burnt 25k acres and is only 5% contained :frowning:
ATM I’m out of harms way, but flames could be coming uncomfortably close tomorrow, I will keep everyone updated and I hope the other SoCal members will check in too.

Let’s hope you get some rain, I know how you feel it was not too long ago when I seen blocks and blocks of houses being taken out by fire.

:cool: :cool:

Hope everyone is safe in SD.

I’m coughin like crazy, from ingesting some dust particles

just an update, right before I went to bed last night I found out that the 25k/5% fire is only one of the three main fires burning in SD, there is another that has burnt 145k acres and is 0% contained :eek: :sad: I missed how big the third one is, and there are 4 smaller fires burning as well…plus the LA/Malibu fires

last night I could see the flames cresting Mt. Miguel (~10 miles away) from my back yard…pretty sobering

to all the SoCalers, best wishes and stay safe

yeah i lived in SoCali for a couple + yrs and when the fire bugs and the Santa Anna winds start up it blows like crazy. Smoke and ashes everywhere. This is an every year occurrence.

That’s one thing i don’t miss here.

I pray those that live there get out safely.

jwill I seen it on the news, no words can express the damage done and destrctive means thsi fire has done, not to mention all the homeless it will leave. I hope you stay safe and do keep us updated.

Just seen the pics on the news too - hope all you SoCal guys are doing ok :flower:

Stay safe folks . . .

A couple of my friends here in iowa live in SoCal when they aren’t going to school…a few of them said it looks like their houses are going to get torched…it’s really rough on them. Keep all of SoCal in thoughts and prayers!

What good friends, thank all for the good wishes.

These fires are a trip. There is so much ash in the air that my nose and mouth have been dry for a week. Even sitting out in the ocean surfing, it smells like being next to a campfire. It is cooling down now, it is only 93 degrees right now at 1:30 P.M. Surfers always pray for Santa Ana winds because if there is a swell, and there is one now, that creates better waves. The only problem is that the media always gives advance warning and stresses that it is prime fire conditions. That is telling every pyromaniac in Cali to get to work. Most all of these fires over the last 50 years have been arson. Most people around here have second vacation houses in the fire areas, so we all get hit by those creeps.

In my post #5 i mentioned the pyros amd the SA winds.

I feel for you guys as i know what it is :Z

Fingers crossed Guys & Gals.
Don’t forget to water your lawns & houses … :wink:

Seems like I got out of SoCal just in the nick of time :wink:
It was raining in L.A. when I left :iagree:

looks like they are starting to get everything contained and most evacuees are being allowed back to their homes (or whats left of them :(), although full containment isn’t expected till 11/5

currently over 500k acres burnt in total and ~30-50% contained