So , you think you've got a cool download speed?

Think again :slight_smile:
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New Intercontinental Internet Performance Records Set in Internet2 Land Speed Record Competition

An international team set a new record for Internet performance by transferring the equivalent of an entire compact disc’s contents across more than 7608 miles (12,272 km) of network in 13 seconds. The rate of 401 megabits per second achieved in transferring 625 megabytes of data from Fairbanks, Alaska to Amsterdam in the Netherlands is over 8000 times greater than the fastest dial-up modem.

The record-setting team consisted of the University of Alaska at Fairbanks; the Faculty of Science of the University of Amsterdam and SURFnet, the national computer network for higher education and research in the Netherlands. On both ends standard PC-like hardware running Debian GNU/Linux was used.

With an internet connection of this size transferring all six CDs of Woody from Fairbanks to Amsterdam would only require 78 seconds. We’re in need of faster CD burners, it would seem.

“This shows that geography is no barrier to advanced network applications,” said Kerry Digou, the systems programmer who headed the University of Alaska team. “Using standard equipment and infrastructure developed in the Internet2 community, we’ve pushed the boundaries to the edges.”

About Internet2 :

Led by over 190 U.S. universities, working with industry and government, Internet2 is developing and deploying advanced network applications and technologies for research and higher education, accelerating the creation of tomorrow’s Internet.

Damn thats fast as hell…I wish I could have that speed.

I watched a TV programe not long ago about this.

They reackon the NET2 was that fast and powerfull that it would be able to run Virtual Reality simulations and games on-line.

Bet when it comes out I.S.P put download caps on.

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Bet when it comes out I.S.P put download caps on.

Without a doubt.

Bell Canada has watered down a simple ADSL connection to the “GLight” standard. Which is about 1/2 the speed of the ADSL connections in Europe. I had a cable connection which was 25% faster than GLight ADSL, but it was shoddy and seldom worked right. Basically, GLight allowed Bell Canada to have twice the customers and still use the same bandwidth. All the while, doubling the profit margin. Smart business, but it sucks from an end user point of view.

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All this makes me realise that if data transfer was made so fast, shouldnt this have a massive effect on traffic and congestion- I know its fairly obvious, but thered be nothing stuffing it all up like there sometimes is now surely.
We, when on the web in the uk, often avoid USA lunch times for instance !!!
Im stuck with tradition here for the moment-
Broadband not avail. yet.
ISDN Expensive and only max of 128k
Cable non-existent where I live, and I assure you its not on a mountain somewhere!

How fast is ADSL where you live? Here in Sweden we have two versions, the major ISP runs at 0.5 Mbit, they will raise it to 2Mbit in the autumn (and they will probably raise their already too high prices:Z ) and there is a small one operating in larger cities with 2.5Mbit/s.

So how is the situation in rest of Europe and the world?

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Hi !
I miss my little RAF visits to Sweden, still fun there. Im still getting TV tusen (TV1000) on my satellite with the right cam and card.!!

Well, its not brilliant in the UK. As usual, we are a way behind some of Europe. Many of us are on 56K modems, businesses on ISDN, and broadband is very new here to the average consumer.
England has been like this in history with things like mobile phones. Digital TV. Paging systems. When we do introduce our systems, though, its very good. For instance, many people in the world want to receive our Sky TV, but its clever, and well-encrypted. Not that anyone loves Rupert Murdoch !!
Our terrestrial digital service (ITV Digital) has just collapsed though.!!
I know not much about ADSL, Im afraid.
Broadband, as we call it here seems the way to go. Its fast.
Al Bags.

ADSL = asymmetrical direct subscriber line, methinks? basically, your download speed is faster than your upload, rather than both being equal symmetric, as in an ISDN line.

im not real sure on ADSL prices in america. im too lazy to look. im pretty sure a 1 MB cable line will run around 45-50 a month. its basically an adsl line, just not telephones. of course, with a cable line, you can uncap it, and achieve the speed of a base 10-t connect :slight_smile: hooray for crackers, in that respect.

o ya, that cable price is in the midwest, serving towns as small as 1500

Here in Canada, adsl ranges in speed (1 Mbit/s to 3Mbit/s) and the average price is $30 USD for it.

I have a 3Mbit/s cable line for about $30 USD. :slight_smile:

I have a 3Mbit/s cable line for about $30 USD.

In australia, we have less than half a mbit and it costs over 50$ US$ (117$ AUS)

Are you talking about cable or ASDL?

Cable here is only availble in certian area which sucks. Not even the captail of this rock has cable while a few other places do

Here in Holland I have cable with dl 1.5 Mbit and ul 128Kbit
It costs me around 47euro that is appr 40 $

here in Italy: Fastweb,10 Mbit/s down,10 Mbit/s up + unlimited telephone calls ALL OVER THE COUNTRY (mobiles not included) for 72€ (66$ ) a month KEWLLL!!!:cool: :smiley:

Are you talking about cable or ASDL?


And to think that I freaked out when I heard about 9600 baud…