So x-mas is over

So this was x-mas for another time, once again.

How do you feel about it?

It was very fun. Family fun. We even played Trivia :slight_smile:

But i don’t care it’s over , because in a few days is the next party…

NEW YEAR… woohoo !

Dont reallly celebrate this Christmas, my Christmas is on January 7. Waiting till New Year’s though. Times Square, alcohol, chick, what else can you ask for?


Why that day ? :confused:

Although we do not celebrate Christmas, this XMAS was really good. Had a holiday, slept well, met and wished all my Christain friends, had Christmas cake and wine :slight_smile:

Also spent a good whole day with my mom :slight_smile:

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Why that day ? :confused: [/B]

Russian Orthodox Christmas is on the 7th. Besides, the major holiday for Russians is New Years. Thats when you give presents. The 7th is a church-visiting holiday.

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The 7th is a church-visiting holiday.

Boooring… :wink:

Christmas was very fun with some real nice family moments. But I don’t care that it is over now. Next week New Year’s celebration will be fun too ! :slight_smile:

It was boring, but I got some great gifts.