So who's burning dual layer with 716?

I currently have a 708 and am seriously considering the 716. I’d like to know who is successfuly backing up movies in dual layer. What media are you using and how are they playing on your standalone??


DL on the 716 has been pretty good for me so far.

Been burning 2.4x Verbatim +R DL at 6x, scans are great, sub 20 error rate across the board, and no read fails.
My cruddy DVD player plays them fine as long as I set the book-type properly.

Only problem is it gets a bit funny in the middle, but I think this is because I haven’t figured out how to clear and re-set the layer break thing…

What software are you using?

Nero 6 in DVD Video mode.

In two situations I also used DVD Shrink/DVD Decryptor to make ISO images which I burnt with PlexTools.

so far I’ve burnt over 50 Verbatim DLs with a 0102 716a, some PTP scans are better than others, the results are generally very good/excellent although I did have one 5 pack of discs which gave worse results and had to throw 2 discs in the trash.

I have never used Nero to burn any of those as Nero is rubbish with Plextor DVD drives -my experience of Nero with 708a+712a was bad. I always use DVDdecrypter for burns because it works properly for DL in my experience.