So which one is true?

In some places they say ND-2500 is 8x4x4x2.4x, in others they say it’s 8x4x8x4x?

Which one is true? And why the different figures?


The Specs are listed on the first page of the review.

so why that then?

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so why that then? [/B]

From your link:

· DVD-R: 8x
· DVD-RW: 2x
· DVD+R: 8x
· DVD+RW: 4x
· CD-R: 32x
· CD-RW 16x

The only mistake I could find here is that it should also write DVD-RW at 4x according to my information (not tested due to lack of media though).

That page is just in error, for some reason.

How about this page?

Feel free to also download the Specs pdf file from the site, says the same thing.

Hmm you’re right, I thought I saw it as 2x in more places, but can’t find now - so I prolly was wrong.

Sorry :slight_smile: