So What's The Latest Guys?

What’s the latest Lite-On Drive? Any good compared to the competition? What drive would the Pros here recommend. I do a fair bit of CDR backup as well as DVD’s.

I recently purchased a BENQ 1650 - but have problems writing stuff i backed-up with my old trusty Lite-On 411! The BenQ either stalls or goes up and down in speed like a yoyo when burning and the final result is 50/50 coaster (CDR) material.

It seems to write DVD quite efficiently.

Some of the backups were done with BlindWrite and even my Pioneer 110 doesn’t seem to get the CDR writing achieved as effeciently as the old Lite-On 411.

So should I lash out and get a new Lite-ON; or is the BenQ drive stuffed perhaps???

Thx for any advice in advance!