So what's the hot CD burner now?

My Lite-On drive just died, after less than two years. I burn an above average number of disks, about 20 or so a week, all in one session. I also like to use Exact Audio Copy because I listen to all my music via mp3. So my needs are:

  1. Reliability of quality burns
  2. Durability
  3. Copy Protection Overcomation
  4. Compatibility

Should I stick with Lite-On (been happy with it except for the drive failing, but $25 every two years isn’t bad) or try a new brand that is getting a reputation…?

If you are just getting one drive I would go with the 1693. I have 7 burners and the Liteon is very good in burn quality and has all the possible features (bitsetting, scanning, fast ripping).

Are the CD burners lower quality than the DVD burners?

Sorry, I missed the referrence to CD and thought you were looking for a DVD burner.

For CD burners there only seem to be two choices. The very hard to find, high priced Plextor Premium is without question the best at around $70.

The next best is the Liteon SOHR-5239 at around $25.

From what I have read there is nothing the Plextor cannot do and mine confirms this is true for everything I have tried.

It looks like I’ll be replacing my SOHR-5238S with a SOHR-5239!


I can recommend; very high ratings and good prices.