So whats the bottom line,is the plex 716 worth buying?



got a 708a and was wanting to upgrade but with all the specs i see here :confused:


It all depends on what you need,i had a px-708a too then nec 2500 and i got my 716A mainly for the extra features(pi/po testing,gigarec…etc)


Since teh last firmware am really happy with my plex…


My previous machine was a Lite-On 832s, and i`m very happy with my Plextor! No comparation!
Even, perhaps with same bad vibrations! lol But taken that, for serious, works very well!
Dual Layer is imbatible!

Im satisfied, 99,99%! ( not 100% because the 1º one didnt simply work, and this one, sometimes vibes and makes lot of noises… :confused: ).



I just bought one at Best Buy with the $30 rebate offer last week. With the updated 1.04 firmware its been working great, I also bought a 50pack of recommended FuliFilm 8x DVD+R (made in Japan) media onsale there for $20. I upgraded from a 2year old Optorite 4x DVD±RW burner that cost as much or more than the Plextor back then! I was considering a cheaper NEC 16x drive, but wanted the ability to scan the quality of the burned discs that the Plextor offers, also future 8x DVD+RW and 6x DVD+R-DL.


Well, I have a Lite-On SOSW-852S in my laptop and a Plextor PX-716A in my desktop. In performance, quality, features and support the Plextor is better. In community support nothing can surpass the Lite-On. There are programs developed by enthusiasts to do just about everything on the Lities. Also the Lites are much less expensive than the Plextors, you can usually buy two Lite-On units for the price of one Plextor. Reviews on the latest Lite-On desktop DVD+/-RW units (SOHW-1653 and 1673) have not been good though. On my Plextor I have found the combination of the drive and Taiyo-Yuden DVD+R media produces excellent results.