So, what protection should I use?



Dear All,

I hope I’m not out of place here, but I’m trying to work out the best copy protection to use for a piece of DVD-ROM software I’ve written, which is published through a small independent company. This has taken me 3 years to write, so I’m keen to get the protection right. We have used Securom, but having sold 2 or 3 hundred copies, we’ve had several problems reported from users who can’t get the installer to run (it is possible that the installer is at fault, not %100 sure yet).

So, I’ve been trauling the internet, and you guys seem to be the real experts! Our requirements are:

  1. A solid system that will stop most/all users from copying and sharing the software.

  2. It must be as user-friendly as possible (needing to keep the DVD in the drive is just about OK).

  3. It must be compatible with Win 2000, XP, Vista and Mac OSX.

  4. It must work with software developed with Director MX 2004.

  5. Preferably it won’t involve registration/internet access.

  6. It can’t be hugely expensive (‘dongle’/key system are out).

I’ve been looking at Tages, but there is some bad press on this site - is the latest version still poor?

Any advice would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance,



Some people still don’t get it. To playback effectively, it need to DVD compliant as per the DVD standards. Adding so called protections makes it not so.


why do you want to put a copy protection just make the software connect to the interner to get activated it would bee better for all of us