So what P2P file share program do you use



It appears that my ares is not liking me at the moment…and since there has been so many torrent sites removed…I was just wondering for
lets say… mp3 file sharing…
what do you use now? and can ya be nice and give a gal a link :iagree:

other than…emule …limewire and ares…


torrent scanutorrent 1.6.1



thanks troy…i’ll give them a look …


utorrent + google = making me very happy
I also still use WinMX beleive it or not it has most pop culture current music on there
Also there is one more downloader called Zaycev downloader which a cool backdoor access to a few Russian websites and snatches music without actually having to visit the website full of spam, popups and trojans


soulseek ftw!


[quote=troy512;2068805]torrent scanutorrent 1.6.1


Have had good experiences with torrent scan and utorrent here too.


and only 1.6.1, nothing later.


So what P2P file share program do you use

None, p2p is dead for me since years. Before emule ran through the roof. :smiley:


utorrent 1.7.7 is good enough for me . . .




SoulSeek for music, UTorrent and mIRC for everything else.


[QUOTE=justcallmebob;2071179]utorrent 1.7.7 is good enough for me . . .[/QUOTE]

I currently have 1.6.1 and am wondering why a lot of people wont upgrade further?


Time for some updates:

uTorrent / BitTorrent Web UI HTTP “Range” Header DoS


[QUOTE=mciahel;2076227]Time for some updates:

uTorrent / BitTorrent Web UI HTTP “Range” Header DoS[/QUOTE]

Whats the best version?


look up :bigsmile:


[QUOTE=troy512;2076426]look up :bigsmile:[/QUOTE]

You are using 1.6.1 and so am I.

Is there a reason why we should not be updating to next versions?


web search for bittorrent utorrent mpaa


Thanks. I remember reading that long back and hence did not upgrade at the time.


I am a complete newbie to this.:slight_smile:
Tried SoulSeek, uTorrent161, and Frostwire after reading the above posts.
I find Frostwire works great for me.
It uses more resources than uTorrent, but seems a bit more “user friendly” in more than one sense of that term.:wink:
Correct me if I am wrong on this.


For Music I use Soulseek, it beats everything as far as selection. Movies, Games, everything else I use Usenet and uTorrent.