So What Four Seasons Do You Enjoy?

Well, driving to and from work here in Maine, I am reminded of “our” 4 seasons…

  1. Almost Wintah’…
  2. Wintah’…
  3. Still Wintah’…
  4. and Construction… :bigsmile:

How’s about you?

The first 3. No question. :bigsmile:

I know you said 4, but…I’m not good with numbers :bigsmile:

I’m not sure to understand correctly the question (sorry, again possessed dictionary :flower: ), but I think that my choice is:

  1. Summer
  2. Summer
  3. Summer
  4. I’m not sure… probably Summer


My favourite four seasons are these four seasons.

There’s always one :bigsmile:


as you can see i really love the winter :slight_smile:

  1. Summer
  2. Slightly cooler Summer
  3. Cold, Dry winter (no snow :sad:)
  4. Fall (AKA Summer for a couple weeks and then winter)

Great! So I’m not the only one that like Vivaldi’s music :bigsmile:

this is definitely true for ALL of New England although this “construction” season has been wicked hot.

(yes, i say wicked…and have a BAH-STON accent)

personally I’m a fan of of any days that are between 25 and 55 degrees (that’s about -4 to 14 for all you celsius people). above 55 and you’re getting to the warmer side of things. below 25 is just uncomfortable.

Are you saying that you are hot only when temperature is not hot? If so, you will never be hot in Italy :sad:

But you will be well cooked right now in Italy :stuck_out_tongue:

Good job mate, considering where you live ;).

That brings back memories though… I used to spend a lot of time on Frogatt and Millstone Edges, mainly dangling on the end of a rope. The Bakewell Road out the other side of Chesterfield we used to call the “Street of a Thousand Chippies”. Probably all changed now :(…

The Peak in winter is awesome though.


The ones that sing the oldies-eh!

sorry, but winter sucks donkey d***. I hate it, hate it , hate it. Dreary, bleak, rainy, crappy old winter. I’ll take the summer, the seaside, and a cooler box with ice cold coke any time. winter can eat s***:bigsmile:

Sorry if I don’t understand, but do you like summer? :stuck_out_tongue:

:disagree: nope. I LOVE it :iagree: :bow: but you know, one of the things i love about summer, is that whenever I am back home in greece in the summer, i get to laugh at all the brits who come to greece and just get all red like tomatos :bigsmile: :wink: (instead of getting a tan like the rest of us normal people :stuck_out_tongue: )

British cannot get tans. It is a known fact of the universe.

My mum would disagree with you on that one :p. But I tend to go red, as Greg mentions.

Are you shy? :stuck_out_tongue:

no, i think she just has a thing for me when she gets into the sun :wink: lol is it anger at me having a tan :eek: :confused:

Spring! The birds chirp, there are little but fun holidays and everyone smiles lovely at you while you’re screwing your girlfriend under the picnic blanket in the middle of a meadow.