So what do you guys think is the best media

IM talking about for making backups of dvd-movies i use memorex 4x and burns at 8x so far no bad burns what brands of media do u use.

Only the good ones…
Fuji 8x DVD+R (Made in Japan) - YUDEN000T02
Verbatim 8x DVD+R (Made in Taiwan) - MCC003
HP 8x DVD+R (Made in Singapore) - MCC003
Verbatim DLP Pastel 4x (Made in Japan) - YUDEN000T01-000

Fuji 8x DVD-R (Made in Japan) - TYG02
Maxell 4x DVD-R (Made in Japan) - TYG01
Maxell 8x DVD-R (Made in Japan) - MXL RG03
Verbatim 8x DVD-R (Made in Taiwan) - MCC02RG20
TraxData 4x DVD-R - RITEKG04

If you are only making backups of dvd-movies, I rather recommend you not to buy
verbatim or Taiyo Yuden, even although they really have very good quality=)
Here are blank medias that are good enough for only backup your files and good price.

If you are not worried about the price, then I would definitely stick to TYs. If price is an issue, then I would reccomend using Prodiscs

Basically anything made in Japan like TY or Ricoh. Those are your best bet. Specially if you want them to last for a long time. You also have to make sure you store and handle them right as well. Cause it does not matter how good the media is, if you store them improperly

It can depend on your burner and the firmware you are using.

I have an NEC 3500 and LG 4120.

I would echo Quikee2’s list and add BenQ 8x dvd-r and Sony 8x Sony dvd-r both of which are SONY08D1 media. These burn at up to 16x in the NEC 3500 with official 2.18 firmware.