So what car should I get?

I’m picky when it comes to buying cars and prefer to stay with GM. I’m currently looking at the Chevy Cavalier/Pontiac Sunfire, Chevy Cobalt, Chevy Monte Carlo and the Chevy Impala. Which would you pick if you could afford any of the above without any issues? I like my Cavalier but I feel it’s time for an upgrade to a bigger car with a possibility of a V6 or a V8. I love the Dodge Magnum but I think that’ll be a bit out of my price range especially when I want one with a Hemi in it that is also All Wheel Drive, lol. Of course I’m in the USA so I myself at least don’t consider foreign cars too much. I do kind of like the Saturn Coupe’s but there again they are a smaller car much like the Cavalier/Sunfire. sigh Decisions, Decisions, and I don’t know what I want to buy! hehe

If you are looking for a smaller to mid sized car i would definetely check out a honda accord. they come in 2 or 4 door and are truly a well built car. although they are considered foreign i am pretty sure they are built in Ohio. All i can say is test drive a whole bunch of cars - it costs nothing.

My last car was a 96 Sunfire convertable and I will never buy one again. It is not the car in general it was the type of engine that was in it. They called it a quad 4 and by what I was told it is not a great engine. I had to replace it 2 times withing 2 years and when I had to replace it the third time I just went and traded it in. Car repairs can get expensive I was having to spend $3,000 everytime I had a mechanic put an engine in it. But now I got a 2002 Dodge Stratus and just last month I pick up a 1997 Sunfire for $1,000 but before I got it I made sure it was not the same kind of engine…

I would ask alot of questions before you buy a car, and if possible have a car fax pulled on it so you can see the history of the car.

Are you buying new or used? If new just make sure you get a good warranty and maybe extended one to. On my Dodge I have it untill 2009 or 96,000miles. Which means I will trade it in at 95,000miles. I just dont like the repair bills.

good luck finding a car

of the gm products you’ve listed the monte carlo is probably the most reliable.Everything else is a toss up.

my advise is…get what you want…and what you can pay for…don’t let these yahoo’s tell ya anything different…

get a BMW i wreked one of mine at 100 miles an hour no seatbelts and all that happend was total damage to vehicle i was ok :bigsmile:

hehe, BMW is WAY out of my price range. LOL :slight_smile: I wonder if I’d have trouble test driving a Diablo for a thrill, hmmmm, probably need a down payment up front to do that - hehehe. And as far as the Sunfire engine - I think 97 and on the Sunfire/Cavalier started using the same engine - I know they are both using the new Ecotec 4 cylinders now. I never had a lick of trouble with my 97 Cavalier’s engine. I had to replace the water pump and the head gasket and the head gasket wasn’t technically “blown” - well, I guess it was it just didn’t effect the engine, just came apart at the seal and started dumping water but still needed replaced, hehe. But that is all for the engine in 96,000 miles and still like the car but since I turned it around into the guard rail figured it is time for a new car sigh. :slight_smile:

funny you say Cavalier coz that’s what i hit when i wreked my blue BMW up there in that pic totaled it too so i killed 2 cars at once hehehe.
dude get a corvette or somtin they are fast. coz those 4 bangers are just throw away cars, but to be honest with you if you want a good car that can pull atleast 250k go with a 4 banger Honda Civic they will never give you trouble.

i’ll take the Impala since it’s a big car compare to the one you listed. personally, i would stay away from GM or any of the domestic brand since their reliability is not that great compare to Japnese cars. I suggest checking out the lastest consumer report. 9 out of 10 cars on the reliability list are Japanese cars. I think the Ford Focus was the only domestic car on the list

subaru WRX STI

Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren


Aston Martin Vanquish

Volkswagen W12 Concept

Bugatti Veyron

Hispano Suiza HS 21


Porsche Carrera GT

Ferrari 612 Scaglietti

Dodge Viper SRT-10

Jaguar XK180

MG XPower SV

Or are they out of your budget? :wink:

just a tab out of his budget

Not only out of his budget, but out of my window too. Really Namoh those cars are fine but lets be a little nice to those less fortunate modem-people and people running low resolutions (like me) :wink:

I’m not a good person to give advice on GM’s as GM has recently decided that all new Daewoo’s will be sold as Chevrolet and all american Chevrolets will not be sold in Europe.
So infact I have no clue as to what a Cobalt, Impala or Saturn is. Buy a used BMW instead :stuck_out_tongue:

Daewoo being sold as Chevrolet shock - there is just something terribly wrong with that picture! Maybe I’ll take a few of the foreign cars out on a test drive as well - I do like some of the Honda’s and Toyota’s. Well, here’s hoping I get a call on this job today! My temp assignment ended after wrecking the car which just totally adds suffering to the pain so I’m unemployed at the moment but if I get this job I’ve been interviewing, testing and drug-testing for the last couple of days it’s full-time permanent, union shop, and pays very well to start out so then I can get the car I want (within reason - no the McLaren is not reasonable, LOL!). :slight_smile:

I found two Dodges

1 for $24,000

Another 1 with no price info.

I’d only ever buy a Japanese car or a Volkswagen. I wouldn’t touch a French, British, Italian, American or Korean car with a ten foot barge pool.

Whats wrong with british!!!
A few examples
Aston martin
(and i think) land rover
i would go for the honda civic nice cars and f"ck!ng quick.


A golf R32
but thats probobly out of your price range by quite a lot

Just like most South Korean DVD writers, many South Korean automobiles are based on Japanese models, often just “rebadge” products. Samsung = Nissan, for example (though later became Renault-Samsung rebadging Nissan.) Automobile production’s quite international and multinational by now. Nationality doesn’t seem to be a good guidance anymore though it still simplifies buying decision by a lot. I prefer Toyota as car brand but South Korea right now has some big troubles with Japan.

hhaha, most of the car you name belong to FORD.

FORD= fix or repair daily.


Actually, Korean cars came along way from 10 years ago. According to a new reliability, they average about 8 problems per 100 cars. Now that’s impressive.

FORD also stands for “Found On Road Dead” or “F$%ked Over Rebuilt Dodge”.

Dodge is my choice. I am wanting to get my Dodge Dakota back…loved that truck. But, I’ll take my company car any day…