So... what are your plans for new year's eve?

I realize it’s a bit early ;)… but I just wondered: what will you be doing at new year’s eve?

I don’t have a clue yet, I really hope this threads help me to explode into 2006!

Princess Street Gardens (Edinburgh) 250,000+ people, great atmosphere and great music. Of course I might have a few drinks to. :slight_smile:
The last few years it has been rather cold, but this has not dampened the festivities.

Other than last year due to the storms… (last time I managed to get tickets was for 1999/2000) I hopefully will be in my new house - if it is built in time - and introduce all my irish neighbours to me in my kilt and show them a real first footing!!!

Probably DJ’ing at a NYE party. :iagree:

i have no clue…:frowning: maybe getting married on a whim?

more and likely sitting at home with the kids. When they go to bed probably watch a movie with the wife and when it gets close watch the ball drop and then make a toast and and then of corse bring it in right.(<----use your imagination ;))

DONT DO IT!!! dont you realise how many you will make happy and how many you will disapoint 1 happy 1000s disapointed :iagree: seriously if it aint broke dont mend it :smiley:

as for original topic dont know what i got planned for the weekend yet nevermind newyears eve :bigsmile: guess i just dont plan ahead with my social life :o and i should

Me neither.

I wonder how many times one can celebrate New Year’s eve within a 25 hour time frame…Would it be possible to celebrate it in each of the time zones?

Of course, just hire a plane.

Is that supposed to be a slight but distinct hint for Numbers? :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

Nah its no hint for #'s I doubt he would ever…even ask…but who knows what i might say on New YEars eve…if i were asked by ANYONE!

Don’t underestimate the power of a couple of thousand Cd Freakers sending him subtle emails :slight_smile:

the last couple of years we have stayed home … not sure about his time

lmao i can only imagine what they would say…something like …LEAVE HER ALONE>>SHES OURS>>>. :bigsmile: if you marry her we will hunt you down like a wild boar …and destroy you…lmao

i’d just rather keep him and Us like we are presently…:smiley: its all good this way…