So was this a "good" burn?

This is only my second successful scan of a burned disc. Basically, I wonder how decent it is and how likely/quickly it is to degrade over time with this amount of errors. I’m not that obsessed with the perfect holy grail burn–just something really solid that will last. Also, there’s nothing at all reported under C2 errors–does that seem right, or is cd-dvd speed not catching those? [This was done with some Taiyo Yudens on a a Philips DVD R/RW DVD 8801/96 that was just (today) “crossflashed” to a Benq 1650.]

Also, I’m trying to get a similar grasp about the quality of an older disc I scanned (

I’m still looking for some other helpful pages/guides on understanding these errors and the range of errors for a solid or “good” burn. I’ve already read through and a few times, but I remember seeing another helpful somewhat similar thread with lots of helpful graphs and basic explanations, though I can’t seem to find my way back to it even with searching…possibly it was on another forum site, but I don’t think so. Thanks a lot!

A healthy CDR should have no C2 errors, so you’re fine there.

Without seeing the actual scan graph, that looks like a good burn to me, except the jitter max is somewhat high for my tastes. :slight_smile:

nice to hear from you again so soon, Arachne. :slight_smile: By the way, I did the scan again of the same disc. Here are both the graph and the figures. Oddly enough, though, the C1 errors went down by a bit–I guess there’s a little margin of error for this sort of thing? How do I tell whether this is actually looking to catch C2 errors, or if the cd-dvd speed is not even scanning for them? (I think I remember reading somewhere that can sometimes happen with cd-dvd speed, so I just want to guard against that.)

or if anyone knows where an updated official manual of cd-dvd speed that may address some of these questions, that would be great, too. apparently, this manual has been hard to come by for some…only a very early version exists I read?

edit: B/c as I said about the c2 errors, I want to really make sure that it’s actually scanning for them–and with consulting those two guides I mentioned above, I’m not seeing if/where either one addresses that.

geno888’s guide is far superior to anything else I’ve seen.
It’s just oustanding…hats off and many thanks to geno… :clap:
Here you go:

CD-DVD Speed - A user guide