So Unbelivably New!

I was just reading @ the CloneCD help and I found this site in the links box.

I am looking to copy some of my games as they cost too much and I keep trashing them. I would like to know how to do this.

I have Clone CD v4.2.0.2, Virtual Daemon Manager V3.29 and Cloxy V2.0.1.5 but now I have read this forum I am now bombarded with more jargon, twinpeaks, iso, nrg, ccd, et al.

I have spent the afternoon reading some of the posts on this site and have read most of the pages.

To copy a back up cd do I need CloneCD and Alcohol or do they do the same thing.

I have copied cds put I cant play them, I am using Nero to burn, Cloxy to find the protection, I haven’t yet figured out how to remove it.

What would be the next logical step for someone who is so wet behind the ears my shoulders are wet!!!

First off all welcome , and don’t let the info overwhelm you too much. Most is done by testing , trying and research.

The thing is that with different cups of tea , different saucers are needed ; To speak in CD-ROM terms : You will need different hard- and software for different copyprotections.

Usually there are some software packages and hardware that can deal with most of the copyprotections known as of today , but some are still uncopyable. StarForce is one of them.

There are lots of different schematics around , such as SecuRom , SafeDisc , LaserLok and Cactus Data Shield. Each having its own way of handling copyprotections.

The best thing to do is to take it step by step. You already mentioned ClonyXXL , so there’s a good start to begin with.

This nifty little freeware program will tell you what kind of copyprotection is on the cd-rom. From there on you will need to make a selection of software , and - if possible - hardware.

Nero will not be a good software package to beat copyprotections. It’s good for making VideoCd’s , DVD’s and normal cd-roms , but it hardly can copy with bad sectors and all the other forms of copyprotections. The use of CloneCD or Alcohol 120% is recommended.

After knowing what kind of protection is on the cd-rom , it’s best to analyze this. Get as much info as you can about the protection used and how it works. It gives great insight on how the various reading profiles in software systems work.

From there on you need to choose your hardware , such as a Plextor or Asus or LiteOn writer ,and select a writing profile (if possible).

For some copy protections there is even an even more important step , which is to correct the sectors in an image.

An image is a big file which represents the entire contents of a cd , but now stored on an harddisk. There are several tools to analyse this image and there are some who can even "correct’ the image. Think of BWA and TwinPeaks. You will find much info in the CloneCD section.

Image file names can be known different under different pieces of software. .CCD is CloneCd’s , .NRG is Nero , .ISO is a general structure.

Happy researching ,

Mr. Belvedere

Thanks for the info, Mr. Belvedere.

As a complete novice to all forms of programming but having had a pc for years I can use programmes, I am hoping that copying discs is just like using Photoshop or Word. Press the right buttons in the right order and hey hey hey!!
Obviously it’s not that simple but I’m willing to try.

I will read more of this intresting and informative site and may yet get to the bottom of this.

Thanks again