So tired of the job hunt



As the title suggests, I’m tired of job hunting even though I know it’s a necessary evil. Been trying to break back into the computer industry (Have a tech support background…) and it hasn’t been an easy go. Went to an interview last Tuesday for a job that sounds like it is right up my alley but they are still interviewing and haven’t heard anything one way or the other sigh.

Now tomorrow I go for another interview that is basically Help Desk work (has a fancy name to it - Customer Care Coordinator) that basically involves of taking calls from employees of the company and helping them fix their problems. Again, right up my alley as far as my work history is concerned. This job will probably pay pretty well for my area ($14/hr range I’d guess so that’s what - about $29,000/yr? Not too terrible for someone whom is turning 28 the following day after tomorrow).

I’m just bored at this point in time, really looking for a decent paying job that I can like and a company that I like to work for - shouldn’t be that hard right? :bigsmile: Boredom is more the reason for this post more than anything.

The bad part is I still need a new car. I have sneaking feeling the rack and pinion steering in my car might be going bad and yes this is the same car that was turned around into the guard rail and with the body damage I am not putting a $700 repair into it yet on top of everything else when the car is only worth $1500 tops to me on a trade-in as it is. If I’d get this job I’ll probably be out car shopping in 2 weeks for my new ride. Not going to be anything real fancy but it’ll be NEW and that’ll be so nice again, LOL. Probably going to support Chevy through their troubles since I am a fan of their cars anyway and go for a Malibu or Cobalt shrug they both ride about the same so it’s all in personal prefernce of styling more than anything.

Anyway, guess I’m done rambling now, just hope I get one of these two jobs. I do have a job supposedly with a printing company but I haven’t heard anything back about going to drug testing and all that stuff plus that doesn’t pay that well to start. sigh And, I really don’t want another manufacturing job. I love being around computers and could do that all day long and be in love with it. Hopefully something will pan out soon! :slight_smile: :smiley:


Well, good luck to you,Braxas.


Good luck, Braxas. Job hunting can really suck and the interviewing process can be like a bad trip to the dentist. I actually have a job interview with a company this friday :slight_smile: , though at this point I am really hoping to get back into school as I just can’t envision doing what I am doing into my sixties and the jobs that I see many engineers “put out to pasture” in just turn my stomach. :Z

And I think I will stop my rambling there so as not the bore the hell out of everyone. ANyway, maybe you ought to consider broadening your search a bit, as I guess you live in a rather remote portion of PA. I am originally from central NY (Zevia country) and moving out there was unforntunatly a predetermine course of action as the local economy so poor (unless, of course you want to work for the Oneida Indian Nation - at least someone is prospering…I, guess).

Keeping my fingers crossed for you…



Good luck on the job interviewing, Discentropy as well and thanks. :slight_smile: Not too remote of an area in PA here for the most part. PA is just bad for the computer industry for some reason or another. I’m close to York, close to Lancaster and a 45 minute drive to Harrisburg areas. So I’m by no means, out in the boonies per say, but I’m definitely not in Philadelphia or Pittsburgh either where I could probably snap up a Tech Support or Help Desk type position like nothing. I’d be happy on $29,000/yr if I got that, would be the highest paying job I’ve ever have and there is growth potential with this company so that much is great. :bigsmile: Hopefully I can shine in the interviews tomorrow with the Customer Care manager and the Hiring Manager and get some sort of an answer right off the bat.

Cool thing is I already discussed my work history today with the HR person I spoke with on the phone so that was kind of like a 20 minute preliminary phone interview I’d guess you call it. Wonder what I am in store for tomorrow?


Well go in there with an attitude of i’m suprised your company has lasted this long without me…

:smiley: if all else fails…place an ad for a Sugar Momma…then you can just sit at home…drive a new car and pull in some mad money…

ok wake up …now your daydreaming…sugar momma’s is so hollywood…if you like computers take what you can get…just get your foot in the door and after your there a while…you can move up …just getting the chance…I know you can show them what your capable of doing…

Good Luck hun…


Job hunting sux! :frowning:


good luck to all of you guys, wish you the best in your hunt.

…i’m job hunting as well after a 3 month hiatus…man i hate working. im in NYC but also considering jobs in the Hudson Valley area (close to zevia country) where i grew up and my parents still live.

i’ve got a good prospect (read: connection) at a big time vid game company that i’m trying to land right now. if i get it, i’ll be on cloud 9 (good pay, great company, downtown manhattan and free video games!!).


All the best…Have you given any thought on starting up your own Business?


Think cool jobs fly right towards you? Quit whining and start profiling yourself to the world.


I was looking for a job a few months ago, within 1 week I saw a job on the internet that I really liked, I send them my CV, had a job interview 4 days later, had to go through a psychological test 1 week later and 4 days after that they did me an offer, 2 days later we had an agreement. Job hunting … no problems with it. :bigsmile:


My work took me a couple of mails,one interview (1 and 1/2 hour) and one personalpresentation of me/myself and I that lasted about 5 minutes,not that hard…


@gene_simmons, I don’t think we’re helping these guys a lot? :stuck_out_tongue:


In that case,I´m sorry…please forgive me.


a-ha! There’s your problem. The amish don’t use computers. :wink:

And my comment about moving now strikes me as funny. I don’t think you even live an hour away from me. :o

Good luck today…

@ Mr. Belvedere

Your absolutely correct (as you already know :wink: )

@ Namoh

So you say the gave you a psyche evaluation and they still gave you an offer? j/k :smiley:

@ Gene Simmons

I’m about 5 for 6 with job interviews, so I am not really intimidated by them. But really don’t enjoy the process. :frowning:


Weird huh. :smiley:


it’s not the job hunting i have an issue with (i’ve been fortunate in my attempts as well). it’s the having to get up and go to work instead of going and playing golf that i have a problem with :wink: (hopefully getting up, going to work and getting to play video games at the office won’t be too much of a compromise…heh).


Not really trying to whine, I’d just like to find something. I look every single day and at this point I’d be happy with a lot of things as long as they’d pay the bills. Well, due in for the interview in about an hour so I guess I need to get going. Feels strange being all dressed up in a tie and stuff, not quite used to this again (Never really had a job that I had to wear a tie the full time - LOL) but did manage to get the tie tied properly - that was quite a feat and did it on the first shot! LOL, If I had a black sport coat on I could probably try out for Men In Black, hmmmmm. :slight_smile:


Back from the interview. I don’t know anything but should know something within the week. I think I impressed them with my Tech Support background or at least it appeared that way, with any luck, if I really impressed them I might hear something today or tomorrow yet. That would be a great birthday present tomorrow! :bigsmile: We’ll have to see what pans out. :slight_smile: Very nice place, VERY big, even though the department I’m going to be in is kind of smallish (10 people). It’s a literal campus without the students, LOL. Felt so odd coming out of a city type area back into a place like that especially when I didn’t really know that place was back there. I could enjoy working there, makes you feel like you’re going to a vacation resort on your way back through. :slight_smile:


Shoulda told them that you are member of CDFreaks. That would’ve impressed them for sure. :slight_smile:

BTW - Happy birthday eve!!!


LOL, I wonder if adding CDFreaks to the resume would help? Hm. :slight_smile:

And thanks for the Happy Birthday, Discentropy. Most appreciated.