So this is what I decided to buy?

Let me know what you think?

DVD-Burner:Lite-On LH-20A1P-186

  1. region-free
  2. no riplock
  3. fast speed (but no 10x DL :frowning: )
  4. has bitsetting

External Enclosure: Plumax PM-525C2-PTB

I plan to use it with USB2 but it is nice to have Firewire.

Do you think this is a good combination?
Should I search for a short 80-wire IDE cable?

Any other comments?


Don’t expect to be able to burn at 20x in an external enclosure without slowdowns. It might be possible, but don’t expect it. Using FireWire will improve the odds.

The drive is not born with region free firmware (no drive is these days), so you’ll have to use unofficial firmware.

If you’re using the drive in the external enclosure, I think there’s already a short 80-wire IDE cable in the enclosure - I’ve never seen an enclosure that didn’t come with an internal IDE cable.

Not sure I got you right Dragon but theoretically Lite-On dvd burners are “born” regionfree. Just use a simple command and you are done.

LtnRPC is part of KProbe, explore it and play around as much as you like with any stock Lite-On dvd burner firmware.

Ah yes, I forgot about that utility! Sorry about that. :doh: :o

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Not a biggy DrageMester, we all make mistakes. :wink:
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Good luck with your new drive petreza.
Visit Lite-On forum section for more details and tweaks. :slight_smile: