So this is the end of CloneCD

With the new success of Securom which Clone will never be able to copy it looks like either we’ll need more powerful drives which can manipulate the burn or Clone will finally bite the dust and everything will be done through cracks.

Clone will still be useful for Safedisk.

What are your thoughts?

i’m not so sure, olli is a brill. mind. Plus most copy protections were “uncopyable” for a whlie. Some will remain that way with current hardware, but I think as soon as there is the hardware, olli will have the software…

Well, who’da thought that AWS would come along? And it works with a lot of units. Why not a similar feature for describing media? ??Twin Sectors?? or some such thing. That is, if the SecuROM protected discs have inconsistent pyhsical characteristics like VeNoM386 stated.

As for the SafeDisc v2 after Mafia, it’s probably a matter of writing sectors that, well, can be written by a writer AND satisfy the guard module of the protection. alexnoe has a great post about the types of sectors that can and can’t be written satisfactorily by Lite-On for example.

Not sure if its the end of Clone CD or not. Ollie has come thru in the past. Who knows, along w/a new way to read the disc and a revised hide CDR media function, it may make the new Securom think its reading one of its funky pressed discs. Don’t count him out yet. Ollie is a brilliant mind!!

The copy protection companies know that their protections WILL be beaten one way or another. If it requires an emulator, so what. It’s not a 1:1 but people will still be able to make a resonable backup of their software and pirates will still have eager customers waiting to get their releases…cr@cked, emulated or not. Many of us here (myself included) just like the idea that the copy you just burned is an exact duplicate of the original software. If it’s not possible to do so, it’s not possible. I have accepted this and will not lose any sleep over it. Still, I do hope that 1:1s will somehow be possible w/the newer copy protections.

Right now it is a race, a race between new copy protections and new programs to beat them. If it takes too long for a protection to be beaten, the game/program is no longer the latest and greatest and loses some appeal to 1:1 w@rez groups but at least legal software owners will finally be able to back up their software. Both sides will need to be on their toes!! Let’s hope Ollie and others can react quickly to these changes. Time to take the gloves off!