So this is the best drive available so far?

Well, the top drive here - the Lite-On LH-18A1P is rated as the all time #1.

And it appears to only be around the £25 mark even with this new learning technology built in. Opinions?

Ooh, and do you reckon you can get it with a silver fascia? :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmm, so a drive which has only been available for a short while is the best drive of all time?!? :stuck_out_tongue: , I wouldn’t be so fast to conclude that is true just yet…

Well it’s rated as #1. Maybe it shouldn’t be yet then?

Ranking is by popularity, not quality, and is probably related to interest.

Ah… still, I’m preferably after a Lite-On and its specs are quite appealing. Any thoughts on it?

I own this drive and I must say it is still in its infancy ( firmware wise ) I personally would not rate it as the number 1 drive but again, rating drives is not my expertise. I can only tell you that it works just fine but if you are looking to burn at 18X which is this drives selling point, you can only do it with a few media codes.:slight_smile:

No, just something versatile and solid/reliable. The fact that the firmware has yet to mature is a tad off putting. Any suggestions?

I’m looking at this and I can’t tell what the hell the difference is between any of these drives!

If you are after a solid quality burner, my Pioneer 111L is the best burner I own, out of 10. I burn TY and MCC.

Thanks but like I said, I’d really like to get a Lite-On really.

I would get either the 160 or 165 series of Lite-On drives.

They are more established and seem to be really, really good.

The 18A1P is really too new to make a call on, at this point, I would think.

Ah sod it, I decided to get the anyway - the way I see it, it’ll burn DVDs fine, and the future for it can only get better - plenty of potential!

£27.54 from with next day delivery!

Thank you for all your help though!