So this forum's not about liquor then.. :/ (Alcohol Forum)

just clicked onto ‘alcohol’ thinkin, woo, they have a normal general forum [if a forum about alcohol is normal n general…:rolleyes:] er. yeah. right.
this shall probably get deleted. :disagree: .

or it should become a sticky thread i say :p… just notify the newcomers to where they’re heading :wink:

It can be confusing at times…especially when alcohol is involved.

It can be confusing at times…especially when alcohol is involved.

Only on Sundays, lol


I see you are everywhere too…lol

aye. really… the boffs up at club cd freaks should take note. alcohol… the hard stuff… [hm could still confuse a few of you…] … *liquor threads. way forward. tbh.

maybe you should try the pub thread :wink:

Alcohol! Woot! 120% Proof!
Nah … it doesn’t have any proof … it’s all just circumstantial evidence.

Dude! That 120% alcohol bottle was so effing awesome! I have never been so drunk in my life before! And i can write ISO’s with my eyes now! Effing amazing! Dude! Where the eff am i?

Where the eff are YOU!!! you’re standing in front of the lens, sir!!!.. please, step aside… or we will have to “burn” you at once… i have a 405nm bluray and i’m not afraid to use it!!! so… backup… and please, leave your ISO’s on the desktop, only NRG’s are allowed here… these are the commands of our Mighty Glorious Nero VI.VI.I.IV :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:

and no… NO alcohol is allowed in this building… no smoking either!!! if u smoke, then check ur chipset… we’re taking no risks… and dont leave the light-on please!!!.. close the tray behind you…

happy journey…