So-So burning with my 3520 + Taiyo or Verbs?



I recently bought some blank DVD-R’s to use in my NEC 3520 with latest official firmware 3.05. I now have 100 Verbatim 8X -R, and 100 Taiyo Yuden 8X -R. Both are from Supermediastore and seem authentic. I’ve burned test discs for each of these with CD/DVDSpeed at 8X write speed then tested each disc with the same drive and program…and the results aren’t that impressive. My results are attached. Any opinions on these or am I just being paranoid???



the overal results are good. 91% and 94%


The quality score means little in CD-Speed. The first scan has far to many PIE errors IMO


Dee-27: those were the Verbatims. Any idea why they would have so many PIE errors?? Could the fact that I’m using the NEC burner as both writer and analyzer (instead of using a Lite-On drive for the scanning) make a difference in the error-reporting process?