So, Riddle Me This

Hi Guys… still new at this stuff, but try’n to learn…

I’ve been burn’n a few CD’s (not DVD’s) lately with my 1633. When I go back and do a Nero Quality Scan at max speed, I get major P2 errors, usually at the end of the scan. I figured I had a bad batch of media (TDK - Ritek (97m15s17f) CD-R - Dye Type 7: Short Strategy (Phthalocyanine)…yadda, yadda, yadda…) maybe because I had some sticking of disks together, or just a bad batch. I started experimenting with burn speeds, and found that, even though I could burn these disks at x40, I had better results at aout x16, but still was getting the major PI falures towards the end… or so I thought.

Then it occurred to me that since I’m getting better burns at lower speeds, maybe I’d get better scans with lower speeds as well…so I scan my next disk at 24 (closest to x16 I could get)… and whaddaya know! A 99 on the quality meter. So’s I go back and scan the few remaining burned disks I kept that showed major errors with the maximum scan with the lower speed setting, and most all of them showed no PI faliures where there was before.

So, I ask you pros, what’s up with that? Is this a ‘no duh’ that I should have know about?, Or could something be out of calibration with my lite-on that’s giving be false errors with high speed scans? What scan speeds do you all use typically for your CD’s, DVD’s…max?

…Inquiring Minds…