So overwhelmed! PX-W2410A

I have a PX-W2410A and I’m totally new to cd copy protection cracking. I’m really getting overloaded right now. I have a question about my CD burner: can it burn Safedisc2 cds? Can it burn securom new cds? Is there anything it can’t burn that other CD roms can burn?

I also have the Plexwriter 24x and I can tell you that it will never perfectly copy SD 2.51.021 (tried to copy GTA3) and later versions. I have confirmed that it is able to read CDS 200 protected audio CDs (More Fast and Furious) with the Plextools “Single session” option enable. I don’t know about Key2audio because I haven’t been able to find a CD protected with it.

It took me a long time to figure this out: Plextors are overrated, overpriced, and they are over here.

I am very happy with it. It can copy Safedisc, you just have to enable AWS in CloneCD.

It’s answered in the FAQ:

SafeDisc 2 is no problem. AWS isn’t even needed. SafeDisc version 2.51.021 is a problem. This version can be found on games as GTA3, MoH:AA, Serious Sam 2, etc. Personally I have had great results with CloneCD’s AWS option enabled. My Plextor PX-W4012A. PX-W4012TU, PX-320A can all make a ‘perfect’ back-up when AWS is enabled. I do recommend a low read speed though (4x). For more information on how to use CloneCD please check out our CloneCD forum. Also read the FAQ on this Plextor forum.

SubChannel Data reading is no problem for this Plextor drive. You can see more information on your drive on Your drive will also have no problems with reading audio protections such as Cactus Data Shield (as Pirate80 already said) and Key2Audio 1, 2 and 3.

Plextors are overrated, overpriced
That’s a personal opinion. I disagree. Plextor wants quality and delivers just that (2 year warranty (ok only in Europe, Middle-East and Africa) for instance)… Their only negative points are they don’t support correct EFM encoding of regular bit patterns completely. But like I said, AWS works very well here. Plextor drives are excellent audio and data readers and extremely fast when reading SafeDisc protected games.

in fact , for audio , it is the best drive , believe me , the key2audio protection , mentioned in this thread before is no problem ( i tested it with a few cd ’ s ) , also cds200 no problem !!! ,
if you want to backup audio ( protected or not ! ) , choose this drive ,