So my new Samsung SH-D162D dvd drive just came in

[qanda]This thread is about the Samsung SH-D162C. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]And I am having a little trouble installing it. I literally just took my old dvd drive out and put the new drive in its place, putting the wires back into the same exact places they were plugged into the old drive. I started my computer up, installed the drivers from the cd it came with, and rebooted my computer. When it came back on, the computer wasn’t detecting the drive. I did everything I could think of: checking the connections, uninstalling primary and secondary ide drivers, went into the bios, EVERYTHING! The computer just isn’t detecting this drive; it’s like I never installed it in the first place. I have completely run out of ideas, so any suggestions you guys have, I will fully appreciate.

Hi and Welcome!

at first, check the jumper settings.
Also, check device manager if the drive is shown there with an error indicator.

btw there aren’t any drivers for optical drives. I have no idea, what you did install, but definitely no drivers.


at first, check the jumper settings.

Thanks for the quick reply, Mike. Anyway, how would I go about checking these jumper settings? I’m not exactly sure what a “jumper” is :o

Please have a look into the manual. If there is none on the CD that came with the drive, then look here:
(the manual of a similar model should be okay also)