So much for Brand Names

verbatim and plextor 708 or 712
have several of these, figure most will be similar, pattern of graph would indicate bad media or bad firmware(most likely burned at 8x)

I really want to know where they were made. Is that disc MIS by MCC, MIT by CMC, MIT by Prodisc or MII by MBI?

There’s sure to be something that have went totally wrong there…

My guess is it’s a fake media.

they were branded verbatims bought in aug/sept/2004 at bestbuy or compusa,
the pattern leads me to believe it was that damn new plex 712, I got better burns
earlier in the year from memorex +r’s and the plex 708

I remember having to return media that the 712 wouldn’t burn but the 708 would

just did a copy on the fly @ 8x with nero and burned this

Well since you have a BenQ 1650 with you why not flash it with the latest BCHC firmware and try burning the medias again?Enable Solid Burn and WOPC upon your next burn.

look at date of the first burn

nero cof pulled the same date into the fly copy I just finished

last burn was with nec 3540

That scan would indicate to me that the problem is likely on the drive’s end. The way the PIE/PIF/jitter all go up drastically at the exact same point which is almost always the result of some sort of recallibration in my experience.

my thoughts exactly, thanks buck, I remember going to plex every week looking for a firmware update.