So many upgrades, am I behind the curve?

On January 9, I upgraded my LVW-5005 with the hack to allow 3 hour recording and no MV. 3 hour is there, haven’t tried the MV yet. (US model) I believe the file name is LNFA1091.esu

My serial number today shows 0102-1840-0091-B203. I don’t have the previous serial handy.

I’m reading about a new upgrade, which I have downloaded from LiteOn site. (both the system and firmware upgrades).

Where I am lost is this? Should I upgrade with these two, and if I do, will I lose the previous hacks?

Will the recent liteon upgrades work with the hack in place?

Is there a file with these upgrades, with the 3 hour and MV hack incorporated? (if it sets the machine back to no hack)

Appreciate any help. I read through the posts and was too confused with the ongoing conversations on what should be done from the point I’m at.

The hacked file you are looking for is post on the Liteon 5005 thread either page 14 or 15. Give it a go.