So many P2P do you choose?



I’m brand new to this, so bear with me if this has been asked a million times, but I’m trying to find a site that I can join that I can download stuff…music, movies, that kind of thing.

There’s so many and they all seem to be around the same price.

If I’m going to spend 50 bucks or so, I’d at least like to know that it’s a decent site.

Kazaa, Limewire, music etc, napster?

Any recommendations?



Come again? I can’t seem to work out whether you’re looking for a subscription service or a free service.

You’re saying that your willing to pay 50 bucks or so for a p2p service yet, you’ve also named Kazaa which up until this day is still a free p2p service. :confused:


kazaa is not working correctly anymore dont even waste your time downloading it, i tried morpheus it was the third p2p i ever used and it’s ok, and most p2p software are free but will include advertisments i think the fee is to get an advertisment free version with faster downloads. i know almost nothing about this p2p so if im wrong please correct me.

if you still want to throw money around then give me the $50 and ill send you my morpheus installer


Kazaa is still around as far as I know. I think the latest version is called ‘Kazaa Lite Resurrection’ or something like that.


Google FileSharingPlace and you will find KLR.


OK, perhaps we can rephrase the question…if I were to spend 50 bucks, which sites would you recommend? I don’t want all the crap associated with bad files.
Most of the free sites have corrupt or damaged files. 50.00 is worth knowing that the files are good. So, back to my origional question which paysite, and which free site?
That covers both ends of it to avoid any confusion.


d’load torrents…:)…free


Any private torrent site is good - if a torrent is found to be corrupt, bogus, a virus, or whatever, it gets reported and deleted very quickly. Mind you, if you’re just looking for music you shouldn’t have to worry about viruses etc… mp3 files don’t end in “.exe”…

Demonoid’s pretty good, but there’s a certain “pink” private site that’s the best of the best for music…


from my understanding the p2p sharing sites that you pay for $30/mo or whatever they are, they are more or less just torrent sites - and you can find those for free. and most of them still seem like they’d be illegal anyway, as i don’t think they share their fees with media companies. so don’t waste the money. either download legit sources like amazon or something, or do torrents from torrentspy, demonoid, etc, etc…


ok, I’ve been around this sight for a while & have a simelar question.
so if i’m using lets say ares & i download somthing & get caught(illegal ) then the possibilities are good that I’ll recieve a message or letter from the riaa or some such sort. my one child loves ares & lives off it. I’ve seen the screen on here machine but didnt realy understand the implcations…
thats why ur involving the spyware so to speak… :iagree:


If you download a free one, DON’T GET KAZAA. ITS LOADED WITH VIRUSES.


[B]Hi I notice that some of the links directing people to Limewire are directing people to a site that cost just $0.50 or so a month, These sites are Bogus, I ended up paying £27.00 and £6.00 with out my knoledge, on 2 seperate payemnts instead of the $0.50 it wasn’t untill I actually got to limewire that i was told the It’s is indeed 100% free, you should not pay for Limewire, if you do contact your credit card opperater straight away and tell them that you have not concented to this payment![/B]


Just wonder, why such well-known sites turn out to be untrustworthy. There were some bitter disappointments. Really such a variety allows to navigate freely in this sea in hope of finding a safe island


I have been using a website that charges $34.95 for unlimited access or you can pay $1.37 a month for 2 years or $2.49 a month for 1 year. I haven’t had any problems with it yet. They also have alot to look at. If you want to look at it, here is the website:

Hope you enjoy as mush as I have.



I have used 360share for the last three years, there is a free ver’ but it is quite slow so I paid £10 for the upgrade. in the three years since, I have down loaded HUNDREDS of songs/movies/files. and have NEVER had a problem with a corrupt file or virus. :bow:



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When you buy music from an online site, you’re going to be locked into their system, meaning that you usually will be restricted via DRM (unless you burn the music and rip it again from the burned CD). Chose wisely. There are very few sites without DRM restrictions.

One of the most popular sites is, for their music store. Remember, you’ll be locked into having an iPod and using their software. If you have a taste for more independent music, check out or

I say you should do a search and find out what you can. has a listing of what different online music stores offer and other details.


well Im running Limewire pro got it free. running ares free and neither no ads and fast downloads and if there is a bad file or corrupt on either they will warn you.I dont think any tha ya pay money for is gonna be different in tha matter then anyother out ther.anyone of them ya will run into bad files.


The issue of corrupted files is really not the worst problem, it can be settled anyway… though sometimes annoying, but the worst thing I had to face is the restrictions implied, like on iTunes.


I have used Ares Galaxy for a few years now and I really like it…it’s free and no spyware.