So many H42N/L firmware possibilities; which to use?

My drive was sold as an H42L w/SL00. I cross-flashed it to an H42N w/RJ11. Now, LG has released firmwares SL01 for the H42L and RL01 for the H42N. I’m presume that I’m also able to cross-flash to H44L w/SB01 or H44N w/RB01. With so many options, which firmware would be best? RJ11, SL01, RL01, SB01, or RB01?

edit: I never use LightScribe, so I’d like whichever firmware burns best.

I think you are getting Samsung firmware mixed up with LG firmware. There is no SL01 LG firmware only RL00 and RL01. Plus the Buffalo RJ11.

Yes there is an SL01 f/w for the H42L :slight_smile:

You are correct , I was wrong, I didn’t even think of the lightscribe burner, sorry for the mistake. It is very confusing:o

Say, for example, I want to flash to H44L SL01. My drive is really an H42L, but the current firmware on the drive is for an H42N (RJ11). In MCSE, would I adapt the flasher to flash GSA-H42N or GSA-H42L?

I guess If you can save the crossflash patched firmware using MCSE…Just try it. :slight_smile:

Try it with setting the current drive ID as GSA-H42N, right? Since Windows reports it as an H42N, the flasher’s model check would have to be adapted to accept what Windows is identifying the drive as, or am I wrong with the flasher needing to be adapted to what the drive physically is?

Yep, that’s what I meant. :iagree: I just crossflashed my H42N (RJ11) to the H44N (RB01). I selected the H42N (current drive) from the crossflash drop-down menu. And the drive became the H44N after a reboot.
I wasn’t sure if I was able to do that or not, but since I was able to save the patched crossflash firmware RB01 (H44N), I figured that would be possible in my case.