So many CloneDVD



I checked the net, it seems to me that there are a few CloneDVD from different companies. They are: Elby, Slysoft and DVD X Studio?

Which one is the one for this forum?


Slysoft, all the way, same as Elby. Make sure you get the discount.


just to reiterate, the clonedvd available from SLYSOFT is the same as ELBY. This is the quality program and should only be download from either the slysoft or elby official sites.

the “other clonedvd” is basically a ripoff product with poor support and spotty functioning. it pretty much uses the good reputation that goes along with the clonedvd name to scam people.

nothing can be done about the name similarity since i believe the “bad” program is based in China. no such thing as a federal trademark law even though China is a Berne Convention signatory. Berne Convention only applies to copyright as far as i know.


So theres no relation to I’m trying cloner 2 from slysoft right now excellent program BTW.


SlySoft has CloneDVD2, it does not have a “cloner2”…


Thats what I meant, so I just made it more confussing