So long and see you

Alrighty then! Time for me to leave. Fentao, thanks. Sig, thanks :wink: To everyone who helped, thanks. Next time you guys hear from me I’ll be in Iraq. I’ll try and keep sending in the reports on what isn’t working Feng, but communication is going to be slow for me (at least for a while).

Take care, and again, thanks for all the help!


Be safe! Look forward to hearing from you.

God Bless Swany

Take care :slight_smile:

Take care of yourself. Let us know how you are when you can.

Go with God and keep low.

Be extra careful and let us know when we can welcome you home; day after tomorrow our local National Guard unit is headed for Iraq. Several of us in the Patriot Guard are escorting their busses as they head out.

I bet that will look kewl :clap:

Stay safe and keep your head down, God Bless :flower:

Take care of yourself, hopefully one day the world will live in peace. But until then thanks to all that serve from an old worn out disabled Vet.

God speed you back safe to your loved ones ! :bow:

God bless and be safe buddy!! thanks for your service… :clap: