So it looks like the DW1620 does Ricohjpnr01 at 8x now

Someone over at cdrlabs reported that with this latest firmware (B7M9) they’re doing 8x with TDK Ricohjpnr01. Maybe someone else can confirm. Great news. :bow:

Yep looks like you can burn this media @8X…Cool

I have tried Arita 4x speed, mediacode also Ricojpnr01. My BenQ 1620 with firmware B7M9 (converted Philips 1601P) wrote the disc at 8x speed. I used the latest Nero
Just another happy BenQ owner :bow:

I have a pack of Arita Ricohjpnr01 my Plex 708a could only burn them at 4X but my 712a burned them at 8X no problems. I will burn a disk on the BenQ with them tomorrow and see how it does.

it also does cmc mag f01 @8x since b7k9 firmware

DVD Video burned on DW1620(B7M9) RICOHJPNR01 @8X
These are Ritek Ridata branded DVD+R 4X media on sale at newegg HERE for 26.00 for a 100 ct. box :cool:

Just realized they also bumped Ritek R02 from 4x to 8x with this release. Benq 8**s had always did these two brands at 8x. I’m glad to see it back.

Ditto. RICOHJPNR01’s @ 8x are amongst my best burns now. PI <5000 and PIF <100. :slight_smile: