So I Can Copy Any CD I Want?

Using cloneCD I can copy ANY cd that I want…is that right??? PC Games, Playstation games, music cd’s…

no, you have to have the right hardware to (reader, writer)

Yeah…i know that…I have a CD-RW drive…

rofl :slight_smile: I think he meant you got to have the right writer… You can read more about this at

You still need a ModChip to play PSX games!!!

If the CD is in bad condition, you might as well forget about it. The copy most likely will end up with a ton of errors…

CloneCD is good to make a backup of a CD is very good condition!

Rarely, RARELY, it will work with a VERY BAD CONDITION cd!!!

It is possible to copy anything with CloneCD, but will the copied software work? That may depend on what type of copy protection is used. Discguard and CD-Cops protected cds can’t be copied with CloneCD unless you have a patch. Laserlock, Safedisc v1, ProtectCD, and Securom are easy to copy (if you have the right burner).

I would have to disagree with you there Pirate80, I have yet to find a disc that I cannot dupe when using CloneCD (inc SafeDisc2, SafeAudio, CD-Cops, etc) I am using a Toshiba DVD-ROM for reading and a 24x 10x 40x LiteOn for writing, and have not had any failures yet when doing a 1-1 copy


If you know of a disc that Clone cannot dupe then please let me know so that I may try it for myself

and your copying from original cds ?

Yep, using the previously mentioned hardware and Clone (have been using Clone since The LiteOn is one of the very few drives out there that is capable of correct EFM encoding of regular bit patterns (required to copy SafeDisc2)

If your using a liteOn 24x u aint been copying for long then have u ?,ive used the liteOn 12102b,phillips 1208k+Acer drives also the new plex 24x.

No I have’nt been doing it all that long, only since 1995 (I’ve probably copied more CD’s than what you’ve had hot dinners). My first burner was a 2x Phillips (external SCSI), it looked more like a Hi-Fi CD player than anything else, blank media at the time was approx £10-£12 per disc (you only needed a couple of buffer under-runs and that was £20-£25 down the drain). The reason I now use the LiteOn 24x (24102B) is that it only cost me £105 new (trade), it copies everything (so far), and it’s £60 cheaper than the 24x Plex. It does ALL that the Plex can do (in fact, it rips audio CD’s a darn site quicker & does hardware error correction, unlike the Plex which has to rely on software) & comes with the same amount of warranty. Why would I want to spend more money than is necessary to do the job?

No u missed the point here,saying u have never had a failure and that your using a liteOn 24x (which is a new drive) is misleading.
Like me u have targeted drives which u know can copy correct EFM encoding so protection is not a prob.


PS i use a liteOn DVD 16 for reading,ever tried them???


OK, point taken. My last post was a bit misleading, ever since using CloneCD, I have never failed to copy a disc. Of course I have had a few failures in the past, mainly when discs first had copy protection of some description and my reader at the time was unable to cope. My favorite choice of reader at the moment is the Toshiba DVD-ROM (any of them) as recommended by Elaborate Bytes. These drives have hardware error correction and I have yet to find a protected disc that cannot be read by this drive.


So pegasusteam, tell me what CDCops protected CD you succesfully copied. As far as I know this protection still can’t be copied using CCD.