So how save is Napster?



Hi there,

How save exactly is napster.

How much info do they get on me?




I don`t trust them at all


NOt safe at all.

if you join napster and find me …i know all about you!

and if can so everybody can!


Well…you can hide behind proxys as you would if you were about to attack the site for some reason. This on the other hand demands a little bit of know-how and your connection may be slower. But it is never 100% safe. The safe way : Don`t share any songs…



What does all about me mean…?

You get my IP etc., or you read my HD, and install whatever Trojan you want?

Question beeing: should or should I not use napster, or should I perhaps run it on a dedicated old 486 machine…?




Just use a firewall, Norton internet security or Zone alarm…enough 4 that! Greetz, LdL


I Use Also Zone Alarm and it works Fine for me!!!

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