So, how does Nero 7.x.x fare?

Hey, you adventure loving folks!
If you have switched to Nero 7.x.x, how do you rate it, compared to Nero 6.x.x?
Are those glitches first reported with v.7 resolved? Would you advise upgrading?
Your opinions are welcome. Thank you all!

If the Nero you got is Working 100% with no problems, Why Upgrade…Pointless really

Ditto :iagree:

Its only important if you plan to use the Vista OS. Nero 6 is not Vista compatible but the new Vista 7 is. There are also other little things in the program that were updated that I find nice to have. All in all I like the new Version.

If we don’t support Nero 7, there may not be a Nero 8 or a Nero 9, etc.

Nero meets my needs. It’s just unfortunate they’ve gone out of their way to upset so many people.

I used Nero 7 for quite a few updates. Didn’t cause any problems for me, but then again I got into replacing the mp3pro.dll file out of habit, so I couldn’t tell you when and if they fixed that.

I uninstalled it recently though, due to system lag (my only complaint, although it wasn’t terrible lag).

Found freewares that worked just as well, without the heavy RAM usage. :slight_smile:

I prefer version 6, but if I ever do update to Vista, I will probably take the leap just because of compatibility, even if the app is not perfect.

The only core tool I care about is the Burning-ROM app itself. The other stuff I have alternatives for, at least for the most part.

Some of the stores here are selling V7 for 29.99USD ( yes, 20.00 MIR) but it is still not expensive for what you get. I like it.